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I really like change in my design; it makes it appear at least eventful. playing around with different wordpress themes is one of the things I do, as most of you already know, but lately, I am frustrated with all the layouts I try.

I want clarity, yet vision. creativity comes in many forms and I very aware of my talent and skills. unfortunately, making shit work the way I want it, sometimes fails. therefore, this is why when you land on my website, the appearance can definitely be altered.

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ok, so today, keeping in mind, the words are still viable, I am looking for inspiration. I anticipate this change will come into to play before the day is out and I hope to make some normal but readable.

on another note, I am still striving and finding work which is weighing heavy on my mind. we can’t survive without money and I keep asking myself why this shit happens to me. I know that sounds pathetic as I am not the first or the last individual who has failed with employment and I am not the only one in the world without work but my frustration is severely affecting all that I live for and I am very afraid.

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people can say what they want but they aren’t living my reality. I need some luck, some love and some precious attention. I need a chance to show my abilities and creativity but also my smarts!

here’s hoping soon.


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