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days have pasted and i have been busy with many other things, thoughts are scrambled but here we are again.

ever get those days when you can’t keep one simple thought in your head? that’s me lately and on my day off i took time out of the normal and went fishing. being out on the river, quiet, all you can hear is the pecking of birds, the odd ship or boat driving by and the beaming of the sun on your face. i could hear the voice inside my head saying, why do i not do this more often?

getting away is the greatest thing of all and i feel myself wanting a trip these days, to escape from the anxieties and things around me that are causing me much stress. as much as i would like too, it is impossible at the moment. therefore, this is why i went fishing on a boat in the middle of the river. it is so calming, you have to try it to understand it.

as adults, we forget to take some time out or never have the means to do so. everyone i know knows i love the ocean and unfortunately that only happens once a year. my options was to go do something close to that in order to really take a step back. i really envy those who can just fly off at a moments notice, go to a far off place and just think of nothing but the calmness and the freeing of our own voices.

i remember being told 3 or 4 years that once i started travelling i would get the bug and i am telling, it has hit me. i love it and want to do more. now if i could only find the means to actually do this, i would be in ‘la la land’.

with my move soon approaching, i can’t afford to take a trip but soon in the fall and winter, the airlines will be my best friend.

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