Look before you leap

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this morning i find myself thinking about emotions, feelings of dislike and why? because in times of need, it doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike someone, when they are in a difficult situation, you must be empathetic or is it duty?

sometimes in life, we must do things that we simply don’t care about and leads me to wonder if all we do in our lives is fake. one true thing is feelings and the odd part about this is that when it comes to emotions, do we react because of experience, past times when you wished someone was there for you or is because you feel the need to be there in times of need for someone else. lately, i am dealing with many emotions, some are very confusing, others are just feelings of acceptance and frustration. i feel in certain aspects of my life, people do not understand me and i can’t be more clear of who i am and what i represent but for some reason, these people continue to lash out as though it is all about them.

soon i will be heading on another vacation, the one i most look forward to every year. there is where i can finally think clearly about my life, let go and be who i am. unfortunately, something there awaits me this year that i must deal with and i lack the strength to face this reality. it is only because i find it is pointless to talk about it as in the end, i know whatever i say will mean nothing.

all i can say at this time is that the ocean awaits me and i can’t wait.

today i will leave you with this: ‘ our emotions control everything, you must be willing to accept that and know how to incorporate them with your every day lives. ‘


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