.living your own individuality

as the week whine’s down, i am faced with questions of who is who and why. i have focused a lot on purpose and why we are here, now i am looking at personal intervention. why do some people stand out more than others?

i don’t think it’s so much about being different but the core reasons behind it. some feel a need to express themselves in a way which is crucial to their existence. i guess they feel if they don’t, no one will notice them. others, quite the opposite, living a quiet and sheltered life. i believe since social media has become the 2nd reason we wake up in the morning (having a ah ah moment) people share just about everything and anything to prove to the world something. we haven’t figured that out yet but in my next chapter, digging deeper for answers.

since i have been off, i have been realizing how relaxing is not one of my best qualities. although my body tells me to do so, i force it by saying ” piss off ” and do as i please. then again, that being a control thing with me, my body has an agenda of its own. apparently since i did 4 hours of running around yesterday, my body needed 10 hours of sleep. like really?

the other thing that stands out this week in my mind is how people are saying i am hard to forget. UH? i don’t get it but i can say this | i love the honesty people give me. i would only hope from that comes good in all that i express and people find a little fun along the way. we only have our moments when we are truly connected to our own individuality.