Living Under a Mistletoe

i guess i missed a day of writing or 2 can’t remember, as we hustle and bustle, i took a day out yesterday to pamper myself and just be me.

how epic is that?

with my pedi all intact and a new manicure with candy cane colors, i am reminded that with only 4 days ’til Christmas, life is short isn’t it? my memories are scared and my brain is in overload with thoughts of things to do and work again. i keep a notepad beside my keyboard and it is filled with things to do or important notices of reminders. all i see at the moment is work ideas and the project i am working that desperately needs finishing. as that presentation is set in place now for real, i must get my shit together.

on the other hand, i really am hopeful for a great holiday break, lots of food and drink and making it as pleasant as possible. gifts are a dime a dozen and my children this year are well aware that they will not get any extra gifts as one of them i give to him all the time and just spend a large amount of money buying a practical but necessary gift of food. the other child will get one gift under the tree and is coming with me to Mexico in Feb 2018, therefore, he knows nothing else.

i love it because it will make them appreciate the joy of this holiday, spending time with me instead of waiting to see what the wrapped gifts are as i usually do. i have always spent hundreds of dollars on presents under the tree wrapped in beautiful colored paper but not this year.

the stockings will be filled with goodies for all 10 of them, i will bake and cook a great holiday dinner and that’s it for me. my contribution!

what can epic remind you of today? well, i think the importance of life and all it’s wonders is that we can be ourselves, show love and understanding when necessary and judge others for their beliefs. we have so many important people around us that may need more than just a gift under the tree and we often forget this. find a way to shine a little light under someone’s mistletoe!