Live The Respect

as i gathered around a group of people yesterday, we chattered and bantered about our frustrations in the employment world, i was reminded of how important my presences was or is. at one time or another, i used to think that my inspirations, my insights, my knowledge brought great comfort to others and then as time went on, it subsided. however, i have also noticed, there are still a few who feel they need to vent their lives, opinions, and experiences with me.

is it because they feel comfortable or are looking for answers or am i just the doormat as i have always been?

good question.

i listened and watched the reaction of others as this person explained a certain situation and i was intrigued by the looks. it was as if this story not only interesting but the people were waiting for some great answer or suggestion from me. maybe i am just in my head and hoping for some kind of validation. true. i guess maybe deep down i was just surprised that this moment was even happening because the flock does not usually swirl around me, lately.

things are constantly changing and with that comes other kinds of responsibilities. i am no longer a leader but i am reminded that i still lead because of days like this. the reality is that i keep wondering how true to their intentions are they and am i seeing more than i should?

there are 2 days left in this work week and i am anxious to see how it will all come about. the question still remains in my head, how much do we respect others and their values or their opinions and stories?