life’s cross roads

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    i watch and admire many people around me, i see things most don’t and i do learn from everyone i meet. how epic is that?

    most of us do not realize how important friendships, love, connections are until it is too late. but for some of us like me who tend to shy away from groups of people at a time – only because my job involves lots of people – have this fascination with lifetime developments. i see growth in many forms, i see people change and others that never see the light of day. for them i struggle because i know in my heart they could and refuse too.

    we all have a purpose and whatever that is, we all have some commitment to life and society. do we dwell on others living styles? do we pursue those who have no idea what reality is? do have to make our business to know everything and anything?



    some do. but of course in doing this you must take responsibility for all that happens and in short no is a magical being.

    what you can do is be epic for yourself, find that happy medium you so deserve and inspire to do what good you can. if you fail at something, ask yourself whether the timing is right or if it is fact something you truly need in this moment of your life. maybe someday realizing these things can lessen life’s cross roads.


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    A writer who inspires to be living real life experiences.