.life is what it is

people walk around thinking, they can make things better, they can live a better life, they can justify all evil and never accept the possibility that maybe, just maybe, life is just full of shit and we are the pasteurised ingredient.


these thoughts and feeling come from the fact that it was suggested to me i was depressed. on the contrary, i am very in tune with my emotions and for years now i have learned the true meaning of being in the moment. the only way to live a normal, constructive life is be allowed to feel whatever it is you feel in that moment in time. understanding that feeling is even harder but what happens is you become aware of why you are in that moment. soon, it becomes apparent and makes you realize the reality of life and people around you.

i am not disillusioned by covering up what is wrong or suppressing life experiences because it is unhealthy. i also see so many who hide behind certain situations or cover up their true nature because it makes them feel better about themselves. they say they care and the reality is they feel an obligation to ask that simple question: “what’s wrong?”


in fact, if you tell them exactly what is going on they feel the need to fix you, tell you how to be, suggest things that makes no sense to you because they are not in your moment. they cannot feel what you are feeling because they don’t understand. every individual experiences things, events, emotions in so many different ways.

bottom line, this is life. when you are sad, be sad. when you are happy be happy. don’t feel you need to justify to everyone what is going on, just remember that you and you alone can be in your moment and know that when that ‘wave’ suppresses, you will be the better for it.