Life is Short

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lifestyle changes become necessary when one is faced with challenges. i always pride myself in living in the moment and push comes to shove, i take no changes with the reality of life.

the deeper issue is how we appear to others in any  given situation, thoughts of how we conduct ourselves, speak, react and how sometimes forget where life is taking us. we never know from day to day if changes will affect our decisions. of course they do but the fact remains, we still have no control over life. we have no insight, we only have the choices and even then we are altered into another dimension.

i value my epic reality, i guess that is why i am always trying to perfect it – however, spending so much time on it realizing that it really doesn’t matter how it looks, the words are what affect people. maybe sometimes i should take a step back and think of this at face value. most people will tell you it doesn’t matter what people think or say or feel but if you think about the reality, why do we do all these things which we know in the end will have an impact on our lives?

people are strange creatures. humans are conditioned. so what we must value if how important are the things we do and change about ourselves?

does it really matter in the end? i think so. life is short, think about it.


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