Life experiences

can you remember a time when you kept wishing for more?

when we were younger, we would say i can’t wait to be an adult and then we became an adult and we wished we were younger. i see different types of people and personalities on a daily basis, some of which drive me completely nuts and others i see the agony they live in. so why did we wish for all that?

even today, middle aged, i still wish for shit but i am more realistic about it. actually, honestly, i have become so numb to dreaming and wishing, that i do not see the reality in hope and dreams. true experience, the more i push, the less i seem to get what i want and need and it makes me wonder why am i trying to damn hard? people find me very bizarre some times and it is because they do not want to come to the realization that i am for real. they live in the what if’s and hopes of a better life, when in fact this is it, people.

it isn’t about luck or transformation, it is about being real, truthful, seeing all that is for what it is and if you cannot face that, you better go back in time and remember where you were and why you are here now. there comes a time when you just have to not only be in the moment but really feel the sense of today. don’t wish for something that isn’t there, do not think you can accomplish the impossible when you know for sure it isn’t attainable and live your life according to what is allowed.

and if you can’t do that, go back to bed and try again tomorrow