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karma, something i believe in to the very core. i also believe that when you do something wrong, it will come back and bite you right in the ass without hesitation. so if for one moment you are considering any bad thoughts, remember, there are consequences.

one the other hand, what happens when you believe that you are doing great things and nothing comes back in return? why is it some people are always doing things for others and they never appreciate it? are we stupid enough to believe the old saying, do one good deed and it will come back ten forth? really, people. wake the fuck up!!

i know why there are so many selfish people in this world because if they aren’t doing things for themselves, who the hell will? no one.

appreciation for life and the things we have should be life’s priority. we should never under estimate the power of anyone and especially our own confidence.

never give all of yourself  or anything unless you know for sure you will get exactly the same amount in return.


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