Life and love

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being ungrateful is like rejection; it makes you realize how much of yourself you have given to people only to have them suck the life right out of you. what are you left with? nothing.

the desire to bitch everyone out because you feel cheated out of all the happiness that could have been. now, standing alone, i realize the men in my life have done this to me. most of you will say YOU decide how people treat you or how you react to any given situation. but when it comes to love, you believe that person wholly and truthfully hoping that you won’t be taken for granted. however, in the real world, this is not true. as time progresses, my recent heart break has its ups and downs.

how is it some people can just walk away from a long term relationship and never look back? because they don’t give a shit! they have taken whatever they needed from you and leave you when it no longer works for them. ignoring, deleting becomes the main event in their lives until they move on to another. that’s another thing, how is it so easy for others to jump another? no morals. possibly! believing that another will make you forget is a distraction for the reality of the situation. you never can deal with emotions within by covering it up with someone else. i feel very cheated out of love, i am honest, i never lie, i never cheat and i especially don’t jump another person after a recent break up.

my moral today: life goes on and so will i but i do pity the next bugger who comes near me.


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