Let’s talk about choices

people say we have choices in all aspects of life.

i don’t believe this…

when you think or feel that you are making the right choice and it turns to shit, then you question your ability to make choices. circumstances make it so that your choices become obsolete and you can decide whether or not to accept it or turn things around.

what about when other people’s choices affect your life and you become so frustrated at the situation you are constantly trying to overcome rationalizing and believing for one minute that you can change the choices? you fight and struggle with yourself to make it all better and still, you are left with the questions.

people can tell me all the time that i have no control over what others do or say, they can give me their advice, they can try and make sense of whatever it is i am feeling but in the end they aren’t me. what they have experienced is far from being equal to my life’s journey. so how can they even begin to understand what is best for me or how i should feel?

in reality, i know all people mean well but they really need to sit and think about this. i never try and give examples of what my experiences have been or change the conversation in order to make it all best or go away.


that is all a person can do for anyone.

so the question today is if we decide to make a choice about any situation, can we actually stop for a minute and ask ourselves: “is this the best idea?”