Let’s Not Pretend, let’s put Action into Words

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we all know when you feel good, everything falls into place. sometimes, the work getting there is harder than expected but having patience with yourself seems to make life easier.

for instance…

we all know I love decorating and from time to time, I change my blog to make it better. the odd time I can’t find the exact layout, it is very frustrating only because it takes me away from what matters most: writing.

my therapy is very important as it helps me reduce some stress and holds value to my existence. I will be embarking on a new journey next week, anxious about the details to come, I find myself thinking that everything has a place and time. letting go has been my focus for quite some time; although lately, that has been my hardest adventure. the past should be left in the past, however, being a creature of habit, I can’t always snap my brain back into “not giving a fuck”, therefore life has to find more patience than I can produce.

let me tell you my friendly readers, self-worth is a lot of work and if you give up on yourself, then what the hell is the point in breathing, right?

my note today is keep going, make shit happen and believe that there is always something around the corner to show you the way.

don’t forget to find time and email me if you have or want to discuss any issues you may have or if you want to chat.


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