Let some negative aspect of yourself die


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what do we really know about ourselves? probably not much, we think we know who we are by how we live and the truth is most people act a certain way because they were conditioned to do so. i can tell you this is no way to live, it is merely a vision or reflection of what others expect of you. hiding behind your true self, your true nature is denying your very existence.

i had a dream one night and it was horrible but after doing some research i realized it had a deeper meaning. it certainly made me realize a few conditions of my own well being and it is probably why it took me so long to post another epic reality. i am living proof that living behind someone else’s shadow is quite destructive and it has gone on far to long.

so here is comes, in order to be truly happy, let’s dig deep down within, find that epic person and reveal what is true to your own nature. stop procrastinating the life that others expect of you and be your own reality.

i am going to the ocean again tomorrow and i am going to release all my negative feelings that have been banging in my head for quite some time. i will finally be free of this bad emotional roller coaster i have been riding and upon my return i will also make ultimate changes to my life in order to be the happiest i can possibly be. quite frankly it time and people around me will just have to accept the reality.

so for today, i want you, the reader to see if there is anything you are hiding behind and find your epic reality. live your life according to your desires and be true to your own nature.


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