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as we grow older, we learn all kinds of lessons and it is those lessons that either make us or break us.

i for one, hate the fact that everything has to be a lesson when life should just be simple but with responsibility of course. we all have to be adults and live life according to the respectable way of living. there are bills to pay, things to buy and with that comes time and money. but what happens when you realize all the lessons you learned were a waste of time?

regret is the next word; i believe that with the feeling of wasting time comes regret for so many things that you tend to look at all the negative in your life. past, present or future, we all know there are no guaranties that everything will fall into place, therefore most of us struggle with making choices we think will give us exactly what we want and when it fails to succeed, we ask ourselves: why did i spend so much time making the effort?


our minds work in such a way that we are conditioned to believe life should be a valuable state but we forget that person within. how do you recover when you finally see that there is no knowledge of who you are supposed to be when you have been living your life according to everyone else?


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