Learning To Just Go For it

some people need to chill. for the 100th time in my life, this morning, in this very moment, I am realizing that maybe we are definitely in the place we are meant to be. as I am a firm believer, “everything happens for a reason”, I am doubting this morning my ambitions for my future. when something good seems to be just around the corner, it’s evident, shit follows. I don’t know how others live but I do strive on making my life better. although it is a struggle because every time I get just close enough to exactly what I believe to be great, it takes a dive.

so why is it do i continue this mad journey?

honestly, people, i do not know.

the hard part is that when you know in your ‘gut’ it doesn’t feel right, you must take action. then again, if letting things just flow with life’s actions, being in the right place might have a different meaning. some of the people around me absolutely drive me insane and i am forever wondering if i could only just tell them exactly what i think of them, how they literally affect my life if i would feel better. the other thing that comes to my mind my health. i have been feeling uneasy these days with many things and i know it is just a factor of my environment.

all i am venting about this morning is simple. let go of what it isn’t necessary and believe that all is where it should be, maybe for now.

to be continued…