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today i am filled with disappointment. social media has become very important and some people just can’t seem to grasp the meaning of it all. when you make comments on FaceBook i believe it is just that, a comment. so i ask you why do some people insist on making more than it is? some people will go out of their way to be rude and feel good about it.

this makes me think about self-love. how can someone learn self-love if they don’t understand the concept? blurting out the first thing that comes out of your mouth should be considered an act of violence. it is something i hate so much that it is worth writing about.

if i was to express every thought i really had about this reality, i would surely be locked up somewhere. basically, if you have nothing good to say you should not be expressing it. try to remember that words can hurt very deep and can cause an effect on who you are and what you may become. some people do not have the strength to shrug it off or let it go.

people are allowed to be and feel the way they see best but i do believe there is a limit. life is hard enough without making it worse.

my thoughts are only this for today, be who you are but also be respectful of others.



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