when has you down or so, every once in a while you meet some people who can light the fire under your butt. i have been away this week on business and so love doing this pow wow because i know the people i go to these things with are not only knowledgeable but give me that extra kick i need. they bring me back to a time when confidence was a bleak word.

it is very sad how life can bring you moral and self confidence to a near null and void. the thing you have to watch about this kind of behavior is how much it can suck you into a hole. we live in a society that has no laughter, no fun, just plain chaos most of the time that we forget to just live. some even fall off so far that you never see them again.

i am forever grateful to have met many people in my line of business that are just the complete opposite of that. we all have a common interest and goal which is what makes it special. gathering ideas, brainstorming and no judgement!


we talk among-st ourselves about our difficulties and successes and it makes you realize you are not alone in all this chaos. personally, it lifts me up and i see the value it can bring to any situation. it also makes me realize how i have neglected my passions, one writing and the other myself.

bottom line, the question of the day is when you feel as though all has gone to shit, do you walk away, let someone else take the burden or do you simply find a way to escape and hope that in your travels you will meet people who remind you how important you are. personally, i have to remember to reach out to my fixer uppers and remember they are there to guide me and remind me how to light the fire.