Knowing Who you Are and Living It

far to many people hide behind a story, a story of rejection, neglect, selfishness and most of all deceit we are not complete when we live in this way. our mindset tells us that if people knew who we truly were, they would judge, act differently around us and probably not accept the inevitable.

what this does to our well being is destroy the best parts we have. if the ones who care about you see past this, then you have a fighting chance. i know one or more people who for whatever reason can’t break free from their hidden secrets. i am sad to think that this is possible as i know for years i suffered this great dimension. living a lie, living in fear and most of all no able to truly be epic. these past two weeks i have seen more changes in myself and it was about time. people reacting to my calm, ability to be free and even a little more smiling. it is good to feel good about my life and knowing that my decisions are soundproof.

i have caught up on some much-needed sleep, i am looking forward to this week ahead, i have goals to accomplish such as finishing my epic EBook on 5 lessons of living an unconditional life and just place my mindset in happy mode.

epic reality is changing up a little, i thought it would be nice to add an inspiring song while you read. hope you enjoy it.