.know your enemy

the one thing i pride myself on is knowing people, reading their body language and understanding their methods. i suppose at times this can be very frustrating as the epic me get ever so frustrated when shit hits the fan.

this weekend, feeling pumped about my week past, only to come home and discovering how people are so negative about our future possibilities. stating one thing and then totally feeling another, i depend on my reality to resolve any issues. i love the song “staying alive” by the Bee Gees because it is the moment when you stand for what you believe in. confidence is very hard to achieve and it is at best the only way to show others, shit happens. for a long time now i had trouble convincing my self that i could do greater things, make changes and succeed. today, i can say after being surrounded by people who are for a greater good, i am challenged by the people i am around daily.

now how to do i get them to believe this epic?

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