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i believe people are never true to their nature. they hide behind whatever bullshit attitude they have to make up for any weaknesses they may have and never consider others.

one thing i know for sure, as we learn to accept others for who they are, we can certainly brush off any irritating feelings we may have. on the odd occasion that someone really turns your crank, you feel shut down and frustrated that you just can’t say what it is you want at that given moment. although you know in your mind and heart, what you really feel would probably damage your good nature and you take a step back and consider the outcome. ( if you are smart )

however, here is my true feelings…

some people just rub me the wrong way; i ask myself all the time why they have to be so mean or cruel and act like they’re the only person in the room or otherwise. it does not make them special, it does not make them more important, in fact in makes them look less interesting and people just want to feel sorry for them. or worse not at all. these people gain what i like to call “a shit list”, one that gets put there because they are either not in my class of people i want to surround myself with or because they think they are better than me and want to show just cause why.

i have no time for insecure, immature people. it is very exhausting to even think, those kinds of people don’t even realize it and worse do not consider the possibility of how they look and sound to others.

what i have experienced is that those kinds of people get their Karma. in the end, something, somewhere will happen to remind them that maybe they are to take a second look at themselves and consider the repercussions of their words and actions.

a reminder: this is the time of year for love, peace, giving; don’t waste it on petty bullshit, insignificant humans! show someone the light today and see how miracles happen!


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