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i believe in life we fear to make harsh decisions because we know exactly the outcome. when something is easy, we do not hesitate, we just do it and go. other times, places, people, ideas come with the responsibility we know will certainly make us and shape our well being.

however, in order to be well and within the boundary of our own personal growth, you find a goal and stop at nothing to achieve it. then there is a part of you that asks the question:


if i look back at all the things i strived for all my life, thinking they had meaning, i would honestly tell you today i feel it was a waste of time. holding on to things only weighs down the reality and when you feel heavy, you must unload. probably why we write. (for those who journal) 

i was looking through some past photos yesterday and thought how hypocritical of me to have kept them for so many years. memories? i think not. i preach the idea of being in the moment and that is exactly where i want to be. no past, no future, just here.

so today, i make a stand. do i need to accomplish anything? do i need to prove something? or will i just be me?


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