Journey of an Epic Nature

as the week ends for me, i am left with thoughts of being anxious for my next vacation. i will heading to the east coast to visit family i have not seen in a long time and it will be very nice.

i find myself very lucky in that way, i can travel when possible and especially since my dad is taking me. i do not get to spend much time with him and this will be a good thing for both of us. what i do find most important is tranquility. an adventure for me in the unknown, a new day of seeing and exploring, makes for good writing. of course, i have been to this place before but things i am sure have changed.

what i don’t like is that we are driving and it quite a long time to be on the road especially when i am no good in a car. but nonetheless, i am sure my dad will make it interesting and the scenery is very beautiful.

in recent weeks, as you all know i was working on a project that i thought might have been wrapped up but it seems there are always some loose ends. we never know what lies ahead, even when things are well planned, shit always happens. prepare all you want, there is bound to be a surprise around the corner. i am pretty intelligent and i always have some trick up my sleeve. unfortunately, this time, it is critical thinking that is needed. taking the time to really absorb the information and making it work for all who are involved.

my reality is that it is not personal but business and we must always consider the factors. that is why taking a step back is good practice. i will also considering my near future as my career plans took a dive. i was so anticipating finding a new employment only to be let down. so my options are closed at the moment and i must just live day by day with the misery of my current career.

i leave you with my epic thoughts: always have a back up plan, never be sure of anything and certainly only trust in yourself.

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