.it had to happen

i am a realist, i see things for what they really are and not as people want them to be. if you are ever going to live in the moment you have be in the present time.

great lesson to learn.

i love it when i discover something about myself and why i do the things i do because it opens my eyes to so much more. this life is but a mere glimpse of what we can accomplish and for those who have not reached that possibility, well, good luck to you!

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i have been right about people all my life and to this day i stand right in my beliefs. people can be so complicated, cruel, rude and unforgiving that we do not stand a chance at survival if we don’t take action. my decisions are now based solely on what is good for me. no one else, no one to stand in the way of my happiness. i am tired of being the super woman i am not and pretending to be something i am not.

epic reality should and will be very real from now more so than ever before. i write it like i feel it and it should be that way. all the great novelists, writers, journalists tell it like it is, why can’t i?

i was fading into an abyss of emptiness and i couldn’t see myself drowning again. but it hit me so hard this weekend that i took a stand. although the people around me will never understand, that is inevitable. i can only live for me not for others. i say this because facing a reality is never easy especially when things have been so different for far too long.

i begin my new week on one note: happiness for me.


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