it isn’t about being, it is about doing

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as most of you know, life has been difficult these days as I am unemployed again and even though I have done everything in my power and ambitions, no one will hire me.

side lines, extra cash, I have tried every method known to the online world and in reality. I have suffered enough with my loss and this morning, I am evaluating my budget on how to cut corners.

the sad part is they’re aren’t many corners I can cut as I am not a spender. I do not have foolish bills, only necessities. even with my spouse laid off, it is even more difficult and puts so much pressure on my well-being.

I have narrowed down my options and as I continue hoping for someone to hire me, I hope that maybe I can get some much needed luck come my way.

I am just a normal individual who has worked really hard at getting the things we have and I still feel guilty that I made the worse choice in 2018 trying out a new career.

my advice, before you make a big leap in life, think it through or at least if you do have some kind of nest egg to follow. mine is all gone now and it is day to day worry.


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