Jan 182018

.it is what it is live with it

greatness can only be achieved with you live in a unrealistic bubble or are fortunate enough to have a horseshoe up your ass. i don’t care who you are, where you live or how you were raised, you can’t achieve anything in life without the power of bullshit.

i know a few people like that and i gotta tell ya, it is without saying how unrealistic it is. however, we live in a world full of people who can’t get enough of themselves and thrive on making other peoples’ lives miserable. even if you try to get away from these kinds of people, something always happens to creep up on you when you least expect it.

i have been trying for over a month now to live my own life, do my own thing and people just can’t seem to comprehend the words: leave me alone. i have also noticed that in order to achieve any kind of goal, you must sometimes let that goal fade because it is so unattainable.

but how can we just exist in the world without purpose or meaning?

focus. remember you have a job to do, otherwise you can’t pay your bills, shower every day, try eat to in moderation and keep life at a bare minimum so you don’t get your heart and soul crushed by people who understand nothing about who you really are. don’t ever pretend to be something your are not because most people can see right through that and please be honest at all costs.

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woman, mother, writer and leader in her own surroundings, living life unconditionally. she values self development and teaches her readers to be true to life's needs.