.it is never enough

it seems obvious that even taking one day off doesn’t seem to be enough to do the things you want to do. even relaxing is impossible because your brain continuously goes round and round thinking of this and that.

well in my brain.

i have so much on my agenda and i need to do so many things that i can’t seem to relax. sleeping is an option these days, luckily i managed to nap in my pool for an hour yesterday, seems to be the only place i can really take time away. i have been thinking about travel lately, how winter can’t get here soon enough for me to take my adventures south and how i miss the ocean and palm trees. i am very fortunate i can do that and plan for those days when i can take off on a plane to a foreign destination.

yesterday, i also was thinking about things i haven’t even accomplished or should i say dreams that have never been realized. age really creeps up on you when you think about shit. 4 years ago, i have promised myself i would not stop myself from doing what i want to do but it seems life has a way of turning dreams  and ambitions in another direction.

today i leave you with an old tune i found…food for thought


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