Is it a good time

what to do when you don’t know what to do? sounds complicated but sometimes life does this and you feel as though you can’t two feet on the ground or make a major decision. you have to love it when you are on vacation and either the calmness or the atmosphere, so different from the regular routine, reminds you of you. the moment this happens, you must stop and think about your needs.

facing this reality, i am reminded of how important my well being is and how i do neglect it so often. certain things can really eat up inside to the point that it no longer makes sense. but there are other things that continue to haunt you until you sit yourself down and say:

“now is the time”

most people can easily just take action with everything they do or say but then again is that really a good approach. i was thinking about last year when i kept preaching about simplifying my life only to make it more chaotic. today, i am here again. i need to let it go and be more creative, in tune with my own reality and continue my journey.

as i am on vacation in the east coast for the next week, i am hoping to settle some family affairs and make light of my realistic journey.

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