Inspirations Can Come from many Places

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    gifts come in all shapes and sizes and I wondered if more people forget those small parts of our lives that make us who we are and how we live.

    I have received many gifts this week that remind me of how special I am and how life can certainly turn around in a moments notice. as I move forward, I keep an open mind about all my adventures but I also open the door for new and exciting moments.

    it isn’t about really looking at what we have accomplished, nor about what we still need to do but actually taking a look at the moment. I say this with persistence because I truly believe it. if we aren’t here in the now, then why are we here at all? so have lived their lives in such a way and we only know this from great books or movies created to remind us of all the great people that have touched our lives.

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    this week, my inspiration was the Queen of all Queens – Freddie Mercury! for some reason this new movie Bohemian Rhapsody really touched my heart, not only because it is great music but this guy’s story inspired others to live in this moment.

    as I sit here and listen to the greatest hits, I think I of how deep love can go and even the admiration he had for his life. he finally accepted who he was in the end and nothing can explain this feeling other than truth.

    I recommend you go watch this fantastic movie and listen to the songs.


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