I believe everyone has some form of insecurities; doubts about their appearance, their beliefs, their ability to do the right thing but most of all their passion for life. It seems as though we can’t proceed without the validation of people and for some odd reason i am in a situation at the moment where i am have many insecurities.

one: my career

Two: my website

these 2 things are really important to me and when i am feeling less satisfied with my results, i feel as though i need big changes. what i am looking for this morning is ideas, thoughts, and good feelings about what i do. i feel i bring value to my work and yet there is no validation to follow. i should just be able to thank myself for doing a great job and be proud, but i am not.

today i will focus on these 2 items and take some much needed time to evaluate. i don’t know how other bloggers do it, writing big posts about this and that or valuable things that are important to them. i feel most of the time, if you go on and on about something, people lose interest after the 2nd paragraph. short and more to the point is what is best. some people feel the need to ‘babble’ and really it holds no value at the end of the post.

therefore, my lesson today entails be precise, be firm and believe in what you do.