.inject your reality

people need to wake up. in this lifetime, work is hard, life is hard and for whatever reason, most people think if you have money you can do whatever the hell you want and all will be complete. the reality is, it really doesn’t not matter how much you have, you can’t buy life.

i truly believe striving for something is a waste of time because in the end, one or another, life is going to hit you hard and it will feel like it was all for nothing. so why bother struggle yourself, when the reality will sooner or later hit you in the face?

SUNSET - ABU DHABI ( Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate )because we are conditioned to strive, live with ambition and be responsible. well, i am seriously done with all of it. i drive in circles all day trying to figure out my next move and simply get no where. literally! some will admit they work so hard for things and never get where they are going, some will tell you it’s poor judgement or responsibility at a young age that decides your future and when it isn’t what you thought it would be, you suddenly see yourself sinking and feel as though there is no way out of it.

i will tell you for a fact there isn’t. there is always something else around the corner to stick you right where it counts.

so the lesson today would be: suck it up, live by your means and just be glad you are breathing. society will always dictate your outcome in life.

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