it’s funny how when in the most important moments, it’s those who remember you that you keep near to your heart. you think and wonder why you even bothered to be in the presence of certain individuals because you knew in the end they would not be there whatever the situation.

so now you ask yourself millions of questions as to whether choices you made were the right ones or if the world is just a fucked up place and you can’t seem to grasp people’s morals and values.

as it was new year’s eve last night, texting to the masses at midnight people reached out to many of those they would not otherwise text. there are those whom i am sure waited for that one text they wished for all year and others just ignore most people as they were celebrating in their way or to drunk to notice their phone going of the table because of the vibration. so i wondered if everyone was where they wanted to be last night? i watched the people in New York city and i told myself next year that is where i want to be.

which brings me to 2014. i didn’t make resolutions but i did set out some plans to make each day count. planning ahead to december 31st 2014 seems a bit ridiculous but it is out there and we shall see.

my worthy note: take what is important, be in every moment, love those who needed it most.