In Right Place

We all have places we feel most comfortable and when those places aren’t readily available to us, we must find a way to create that illusion. People who truly know me and have read my blog for years now know that my epic place is the ocean however i do have another, my backyard.

I have almost finished that oasis of mine, over the weekend setting up a new fence, building and painting the front and finally my pool. There is always a way to bring peace of mind and serenity to our well being. Once all the hard work is accomplished we must find that tranquility.

The other issue i want to discuss is giving yourself time to heal. When we are busy, congested with many things all at once, we find ourselves physical exhausted, mentally drained and overwhelmed. Sometimes, this creates chaos not only for ourselves but for others. What we have to keep in mind is to clearly state to other that it is not them but something you are feeling in this moment in time. Others need to also understand that until you feel better, they will need patience with your feelings and way of expression. We often lash out for no reason because we are exhausted or upset and it isn’t always because of people around you; it is merely a reaction to your mental state telling you to take time, release and find your peace once again.

Today i tell you that i am working on many ways to create my peace and i know in the near future this will bring a better way of life for me.


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