Implications and Gratifications

how did everyone enjoy their week? did we learn anything? did we accomplish any specific goals?

i did.

but i can’t tell you how yet.

i can tell you it has been busy and will only get more so in the next few months. i received a funny text and email this early morning, which woke me up instead of my alarm. it was from Microsoft informing me of a closure.

it said: you email p****dent******** is closed. Goodbye!

how ironic is that? i have waited for those words for over a month now and it made me giggle even at 4am. for those of you who truly know me in the real world, i kept another busy life as a President of a Union. I am no longer! it is has been the worse time i can imagine, not without learning a few things but something i would never attempt again.

i love being a leader but that is not the same as leading. it is a heavy burden you do not want to take on. people tell you all kinds of things in hopes you can fix it all. some even create their own mess in order to get attention they believe to deserve.

how low can you go?

pretty far from what i have experienced.

even to this day, i am still wanting to fix those issues and i literally have to stop myself because it is not my responsibility. although, as most people know how honest i am, i find myself hearing and seeing things that are so incredibly dishonest and i want to fix it. the better part of myself tells me, no reminds me, i no longer need this kind of stress in my life and to let it go!

funny how you can condition yourself.

the reality of the story is this: i did prove i can lead, my term is done and all i know is that, i hope i will go down in history in one way or another but i am hoping people will remember the good work i did. it isn’t about validation but more of a notch under my belt. it also taught me that the people who are actually supposed to notice the great work, simply ignored it.

to bad for them because they have lost a great leader! enjoy your weekend and find your epic.