.if they wrote a story about your life

the world is very difficult, treasured with the up most complication of all kind and yet the simple stuff seems to be ignored. until one day when we realize we have no time left only then do we stop and smell the roses.

i pride myself on trying to enjoy life, make it what it is in the short time we have here on this earth. some people, no so lucky, live short lives and never get the chance to do incredible things. i am one of the lucky ones and today especially i realized i am surrounded by great people. i am in a position to meet many characters and travel to tell the stories. this week i am in a big town on a convention and been greeted with open arms. these people are not only teaching me things but have accepted me in their group.

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we are epic people with the same goal and i am visiting amazing things at the same time. so i tell you all from the bottom of my heart, take the time to see many things, visit places, find the time and make it happen.


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