i make a difference

the mind is a wonderful thing however if you let control your every moment, it can make you believe things you otherwise would not.

curiously mine is not far from that. day 2 of my challenge was keeping only one box open. today, i too, my son out for his birthday which i will miss this saturday as i will be in my favorite place.  we went to a great restaurant and my focus was on him. even though he is going to be 24 he is still my baby. my children have kept me alive for the past 28 years because their needs keep me challenged.

as part of my self worth challenge, i looked the good i do for people. it become apparent that some others have a greater need than me and today my network of people worked together to make someone’s day better. therefore, i do believe today, i make a difference and people do respond to me.

as i have packed my bags and soon will reach my favorite destination, i look forward to clearing the chaos and focusing on my goodness.