i got nothing

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can you just imagine if you had nothing to say, how meaningful that would be. most of us on any given day wish we could keep silent about things that really annoy us but for some reason, most of us, cannot keep silent.

in my days of writing life experiences, it is apparent that I cannot keep quiet on my subjects. people are all unique and I can honestly say, I have met a few whom really get under my skin. what surprises me are those who do this sort of thing on purpose. it baffles me to what extreme people will go to make another person look very bad. even if their information isn’t factual, they will still continue to instigate until they feel they have sufficiently ruined another person’s reputation.

what we need to keep in mind in this conditioning of life is the well-being of our own problems and forget the outside world, when it does not pertain to truth and reality.

remember what really matters and take on the world in your own way but be diligent of others.


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