I Don’t Know

there are times when you feel as though all your efforts are gone to waste. time, money, planning and even your dreams seem so unattainable. i often take solitude in order to quiet the noise but separating these excessive ideas can be somewhat difficult.

i am trying so hard to be as happy as i can but there are still parts of my life that are just not quite there. i keep wondering why when i can pretty much do anything i want within reason but the ultimate happiness just isn’t within my grasp.


the question is what is it that would satisfy my little desire? what is the one thing i know i can escape too or fit into my normal lifestyle that would fulfill me 100%?

the best course of action would be to do nothing and just let life take it’s way but i am not one to just sit and expect life to fall into my hands. on the other hand, maybe letting go of the things that have no use to me would be better in the long run. many paths have come and go, today i am left with the undecided.

there are many people who struggle with these undesired feelings and others are as happy as can be. gotta wonder how this all takes affect. why some have it all under control and others fail the test. today is a new day and let’s see what it brings.