how to feel complete

ever have those days when you think ‘wtf’? well this is me this morning. i look around my office and see pictures, memories and thoughts running in my head with no place to go. the story goes you can’t or shouldn’t think about past mistakes and events but somehow they keep creeping up. some good and some bad or are they?

experiencing is the most unconditional love you can give yourself because it shows you are human. but it also teaches us to realize those times when life hits you the hardest how you survived the worse and best of times. people who have crossed your path, left your sight, there but not forgotten and the reason these people have been in your life. what are the true lessons?

my deep reality is hanging on to things that really shouldn’t matter and my hard lessons still haunt me. i am the epic opposite of what i preach here but i do speak from the heart and in my opinion truth is better than a bullshit lie.

there are many things i want and need still in my life and certain things i wish i had accomplished. the question is how, when, where and is it really something i need to fulfill my destiny?

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