a man and i once had a conversation | i asked this question: “why can’t we be like them?” his reply was: “because we aren’t”

i never really understood that until today and it hit me that most people of the world are in competition with ‘the jones’ as they used to say and really there is no competition. every individual is a unique person and what makes a couple unique is what each one brings to the relationship. how we complement each other is what makes a relationship strong and loving in its own way. we can never compare ourselves to other couples because we are not them. how we deal with every situation is also a factor. where one couple may be open on all subjects others may find it difficult to relate.

my better half has a unique sarcasm and i love it. i know his sense of humour is one of the things that keeps me sane and i encourage it 100%. his friends can’t believe how he speaks his mind | which i might add we have in common and how he speaks to me in this way. but i truly believe this is what keeps us together. the acceptance of each others characteristics complement the way we are in this relationship and we never doubt for one minute the love. security comes to mind as well because when you are that comfortable with someone you feel very positive about the commitment you have to one another.

every couple has their own way of living, reacting, sharing, and loving. i am hoping that most people recognize these qualities and appreciate your equal in your life.