How we Define our Purpose and find the Star within

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today we seek answers or do we? i truly believe people find themselves lost because they feel they have no purpose. i have asked that question myself many times and i have to tell you, if i had the magic wand, i would certainly wave it to all who needs those answers.

what if for a moment we thought that just being here is the purpose, how would that make you feel?

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i have been pretty empty these days and i only hope this does not continue as i have been preaching to live unconditionally for so long that it would defeat my purpose of having this blog. i have to admit, the idea of wanting to know what the hell i am here for, on this earth has been weighing heavy on me only because i feel as though i have nothing tangible to brag about.

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success is so important to me, self devotion is my process but when you have nothing positive following your daily life, you become very numb to the positive ambitions.

i would like to close in saying that i am fortunate there are some followers who still believe in what i say and that keeps epic reality alive


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