How to win

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there is a fine line between knowing what you can do and what is actually accomplished. you can have a master plan but sometimes the alterations can cause a diversion. as we get older, our confidence is built through experiences and the most you go through life, you gain access to an abundance of treasures.

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Be careful where you let your loyalties lie. Misplaced loyalties to an abuser makes you a slave to them. They don't deserve your loyalty.i am heading to a first time experience this morning and although i know nothing of how this will go, i am sure i will do what i know. i can’t even beginning to know the outcome because it is a work in progress. i can safely say whether i win or not at least i put the effort into it. somewhere, somehow, someone will notice and that is all that matters.

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today is a new week and i can only be here in this moment and watch the world around me in order to keep my inspirations up. there is no easy answer to all the questions but i know i have me to keep me Sane.


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