how to tell if you are being lied too

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there are some people who for some unknown reason feed off the misery of others. there are those who knowingly lie to you just to never face their reality. and then my friends there are those who want and try and make their business to know your business.

these people are the reason i live and breathe, to manipulate their brains into thinking they have won their battles when in the end i know my own inspirations and way of getting to the root of everything. i am not fake by any means, i am all about the truth and epic adventure. this week i was faced with such an individual who thinks they can get whatever out of me and tries to make it their business to know everything. funny thing is i on the other hand am not a good liar and when faced with something, i use words that will compliment the situation without giving the answer. not totally lying but feeding them what they want to hear.

here’s my beef with these people…


i guess from the outside, life looks as though it has its own agenda and some of these people are never satisfied. i don’t understand why they insist on trying to know all when in fact they should just shut up and live in their own moment. what they fail to see is the lack of respect for each human being and in the end because they think they are so smart, fail to see they are just pushing themselves down a deep hole.

purpose, contradiction and retaliation. we all know what comes around goes around | so for those who want to cross that line with me, go ahead! i need new material.


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