how to satisfy everyone’s needs

the impossible trying to make everyone happy is totally ridiculous. everyone has their own agenda and we cannot find a happy medium however you look at it. people are different and unique in their own way. i know the only way to really and completely live through this is to decide what is in your best interest and hope that people will understand. if they do not it is because they can’t love unconditionally enough to accept you.

you have to certain that not everyone will do this and as difficult as it may seem, sometimes you just have live the experience.

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i personally have a difficult time with large groups, i try and avoid them at all cost because i know how it makes me feel. does this mean i miss out of fun or entertainment or some life changing experience?


i do what i can to make my environment comfortable and good for me. it isn’t selfish it is a choice. there are times when, like in this present moment, surrounded by family you must go with the flow. at the end of the day all that matters is that you can find your inner peace.


today starts day 4 of my epic mexican vacation and one way i can sooth my soul is by the beach. when i feel as though my mind is chaotic and restless this is where i find my center. i am hoping by the end of this week, i will find the answers i am looking for to better my life.

my search for peace of mind is a very difficult journey.

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