how to get epic results

recent days have shown me the only way to get something is to speak up. it is never easy to communicate our feelings and thoughts when you feel as though no one will understand. sometimes it is because we fear the worse or maybe we fear the disappointment. it is a two way street when it comes to relationships and if both parties are willing to invest the time in actually sitting down and telling each other these needs and wants, it is amazing how the final result can shed so many previous worries.

i was always under the impression that love, relationships did not or should not require work but to my surprise it’s not about struggling at it | ┬áit is about being able to keep that steady pace. once the words are said, it should be left at that. i have been very frustrated over the past few weeks with concerns in my life and the simplicity of it is that i just have to say it out loud and be fearless. keeping in mind that the answers i get may not be exactly what i want to hear but what i need to understand.

i truly believe there can be a happy medium in all life’s concerns and knowing it is the best way to come to a resolution. the trick is learning how to let go of the small stuff but never neglecting the things that need to be communicated. fear nothing, say what you want and respect the outcome. we all learn from our daily lives and we must take those lessons and grow from them. be aware of what you can fix for yourself to make your life epic and be good to those who truly love you and want you in their lives.

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