How to defeat the undefeated

there is a person who makes my work life a living hell and i know for a fact i am not the only one who feels this way.

the problem is no one does anything about it for reasons i am sure is simply put: “she is who she is”.

however, what i realized yesterday how much this behavior affected my working conditions and can cause more harm than good. i became very distracted at the end of my shift and in my line of work this is not an option when dealing with the public. i tried the normal approach, venting to another person about my feelings, however noticed within myself how shaking it off wasn’t working today. i had this distinct feeling i really wanted a solution to my problem and could not find one in this time and moment.

let me first describe this person in the eyes of perception:

“we ( i say we because i am not alone in this ) see her as a self adsorb, nasty, rude, self centered, out spoken, don’t give a shit about anyone and just plain ignorant. she makes you want to slap her so hard that even if she fell over you would continue to slap her because no matter how hard you try to sink this unacceptable behavior in her little head, she would never reroute”

the problem we face is that saying something may in fact jeopardize our professional life but what happens when if it becomes a personal issue? do we sacrifice our life’s work to be able to free ourselves of these kinds of people who make our professional lives unmanageable?

i decided to go to my recent guru and look for inspiration.