ever get the feeling sometimes people don’t really know how to speak? i encounter this on a daily basis and they often don’t realize they do it. when you have something to say, what you need to do is get right to the point. the reason for this is clarity. no one can understand what you want to say if you don’t just tell it like you mean it.

details are not important when you want to get your point across. what is important is the way you express the meaning.

ex: if you are having a bad day, clear your thoughts, ask yourself why am i feeling this way? why is it in this moment i feel _____________? and find out what triggers the feeling before you fly off the handle and people get the wrong idea.

#epicrealityi am to say the least the most honest person you will ever meet with respect to others, i do however blurt shit out but in a respectful way without hurting others. now here is the tricky part. if another person is hurt by your words, it is simply because they have deeper issues. it isn’t directed at you but for that moment they are upset you express something, they feel as though you are their biggest enemy.

if you have studied the art of unconditional, you are lucky like me. i can see beyond what a person is saying and really detach from their hurt. some will call it cold but i call it smart.

on a personal note, i sometimes can’t fix myself and that my friends is the though one. when i feel as though my life is about to collapse, i just walk away so that i can gather my thoughts and come back with a more responsible way of answering questions or ideas. what really burns my ass is when people don’t respect me enough to wait it out and they keep pushing so far up my butt that i can be destructive.

all i am saying in all this post is let’s keep it simple, respect one another and know that all is what it is for a reason.