How to Believe YOU can make a Difference

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I am the worse person to tell you how to be inspirational, I am the worse person to tell you, you can do it. reason? because every day I struggle with this idea that we all have a purpose. the strength it takes to even breathe nowadays is unbareable and I speak not in a crazy way but an actual realistic life.

Aandachtsplek in compositie

when all positive reinforcement has left the building, you are left with your own thoughts, actions, your ideas and most of those have been shot down or thrown out the window. what you believed was great, was merely a shot in the dark. what you perceived as the ability to change, has been crushed by society.

I am going deep today readers, and without a doubt in my mind, I am going to be as honest as I possibly can. as much as I would like to tell you the road is great, the feelings of positivity should be the direction you are heading is no longer in the building. I can’t for the life of me understand where all this is coming from but I can tell you, just existing is no longer a force I can recognize.

to be able to believe in yourself takes great, great ambition. it takes you to shut out the world because we all know this world is so negative, so wrapped in a blanket of shit and if you aren’t at the point where the shield can be lifted around you, the force will take you down, it will rip you to shreds and it will certainly remind you of your failures.

mixed feelings is where I am at, listening, reading to people who seem to inspire others has made me angry but these people are people who have everything, they no longer want for anything, they pretend to live in a world where nothing is impossible but fail to see the reality that is before them. they believe everything is fixable when deep down, they are blinded by their inability to face the truth about this day. they are the ones who will persuade you to see the happiness and joy people, places and things can bring, if you believe.

I say to them, GET REAL!

today was a post about deeper issues and I am totally in my right mind just making sure to keep everyone in tune with their perspectives. the meaning of life has no meaning if you have no purpose and if you find no purpose, then let’s teach you to find that moment. believe me or not, survival is key to the 20th century; be on the right path, be unconditional.


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