How to be honest

there is a growing feeling and you just know when things don’t seem to fit. the reality is you do things because you have to live in the real world. the odd time when it is time to take a break from it all, you find yourself in a place where nothing and i mean absolutely nothing bothers you.

everyone knows mine is in that epic place where the ocean lives and the sand is so warm. i can often feel it in my bones when the sun is shining, no mention when my imagination takes me there.  i totally believe we all need some distraction from to time and if you have never visited this epic place, you must.

lately, i find myself visiting that place often only because i am feeling more dissatisfied with my reality. unfortunately, i can’t change many things about how i live in my moment but i feel as though i can’t truly be happy unless i do make some changes. so i am again caught at a cross roads without a doubt. i think is being stuck, i am sure some of you have felt this from time to time and we must find a way to get out of it. the true nature of growing is to find peace within and if cannot change things, then there is no peace, which makes for a very unhappy human being.